Who we are


To create an egalitarian society based on the values of love, concern, compassion, peace, justice, and liberation.


  • To educate and empower Dalits and other oppressed groups of people in the area to claim their rights and entitlements as per the Indian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • To provide a better future for the most vulnerable sections of the Indian society: Dalits, tribals, women, orphan children, lepers, the elderly, differently abled, bonded-laborers, sex workers, and HIV/AIDS victims

Main Objectives:

  • Educate: Dalits and others about their rights, how they are exploited and how they can liberate themselves from dehumanization and exploitation.
  • Organize: Dalits into community self-help and mutual support societies, or ‘Sanghams’
  • Demand: the eradication of social barriers erected by the caste system, the application of human rights and the law, and the removal of all exploitation, especially of women.


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