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We took 52 children in 1998 and started the Light of Love Children’s Home in Tuni. The children were sleeping under the trees and veranda outside NASA’s offices. I did not have funds to start a Children’s Home and there was no building, we had only a small office. But I could not wait. I wanted to rescue these young buds without losing any time.

At this time, in 1999, Gillie Davidson and her team of 26 youths from Scotland came to us. They spent time here, studied the whole project, and started a charity called Scottish Love in Action (SLA) to support the Children’s Home. Today, SLA is supporting 500 children who live on campus and is providing for all their basic needs and their education.

Gillie Public School

Gillie Public School
In addition to the Children’s Home, NASA started the Gillie Public School in association with SLA. We now offer education from kindergarten through high school, teaching the children in both Telugu and English. Several volunteers from SLA come to teach English and Math. As of March 2009, 40 children were studying post-high school intermediate college and six of them will enter college degree courses.

Additional amenities like school furniture, drinking water, and beds have been provided by Wells for Life (US) The Bradley Trust provided funds to complete the top floor of the boys’ accommodation block and restrooms for the girls. Then the Van Zomeren family (US) gave funds to build an additional dormitory building for the boys.

There are many children knocking at the doors of the home for admission.

Support from Scottish Love in Action:

Light of Love Children’s Home is supported by Supported by Scottish Love in Action ( SLA ). We are delighted to report that the Chairperson of SLA, Mrs Gillie Davidson, was awarded an MBE “for services to children in the UK and India” in the Queen’s 80th birthday honours list.

In 1998 Gillie visited NASA along with the QII team consisting of 26 youth from Scotland. The QII team was visiting countries one after another and rendering one time service.

I have seen several orphan children begging in villages, railway and bus stations…sleeping on foot paths and under trees. I have seen their nakedness—their wounds. In the winter many gather around rubbish fires as they don’t have any blankets to shield them from the cold. There are many Lazarus’ being uncared for. The children have ended up becoming orphans because of HIV/AIDS, accidental death, suicides, ill health, poverty, as well as many other reasons.

I once met a 12 year old girl near a railway goods shed. She was like an angel—beautiful but she had no place to dwell. She was living with many other beggars, and as I began talking with her I could see fear in her eyes. As the conversation went on she told me how she could tell I was genuinely concerned about her health, and began to share with me her story.

She had just entered into womanhood a few weeks back, and was alone. No one was there to celebrate this rite of passage with her. After begging for weeks she had become ill with a fever and could not move. A person offered to help her and bought her some tablets for her fever. These tablets would have cost him ¼ of a dollar, but he used this kind act as a way to exploit her in her vulnerability. He told her to have sex with him, and out of fear she agreed. After this, many more men capitalized on her fear and she ended up unknowingly becoming a sex worker.

As she talked, I noticed that she smelled as if she hadn’t taken a shower in some time, and I could tell she needed medical attention. She let me take her to the doctor and her wounds were treated. I gave her new dresses and then requested that she be admitted into a local children’s home. She was in the home for only a month when her stepmother came and took her.

This child’s story, along with the stories of many other hurting children, overwhelmed me. I deeply desired to help these little angels, and was led to open my own children’s home. With no money and no proper facilities, NASA accepted 52 children and a new work had officially begun. We started meeting in a small office, as that was all we had, and the children were sleeping under the trees in our compound. It was a great feeling to know that these children were now on a new, brighter path in life.

At that time one of my friends suggested that Mrs. Gillie should pay us a visit. Both Gillie and her husband Davidson came, met the children, heard their heartbreaking stories, and were compelled to help. The next time Mrs. Gillie and I met, she brought with her the QII team, and they laid the foundation for the Children’s Home; however, they didn’t stop there! They later invited some colleagues and I to Scotland, and there we ended up initiating SLA (Scottish Love in Action). Initially they were only able to provide support for 100 children, but today SLA now supports 450 children and also provides ongoing support for a public school (they even provide reasonable salaries for teachers!). They also provided funds to build adequate housing for the girls, a dining hall, and the school building.

Now they have taken up an even bigger project. It is called, “Hospital for the rural India.” Donors are coming but just as quickly having to go back as we cannot afford to buy the land in order to construct the buildings (the cost of land has gone up unbelievably after the laying of a new four-lane Motorway in our area). SLA is also planning to raise funds for a mobile clinic to provide the unreached rural areas with much needed medical aid and education.

In India I have received several awards, and today our Amma Gillie is being crowned with an award by Her Majesty, the Queen of England. This award is a great honour to all of the people involved in this work, to those who have sacrificed for the children, and to the people who have given from what they have.

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April 9, 2021

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