In 2008 Christopher Premdas noticed by the freeway few women taking water in two/three pots on heads towards a hill. He pulled over and asked one of them, “Don’t you have water?” She said, “we don’t have drinking water”. Then Premdas asked “Where do you live?” She raised her hand and showed a hill with bushes. There was no path to walk and the path that she led Premdas was full of thorns. This was a community that was forced to move from one slum to another. Seeing the pitiable conditions and problems of this community in the winter, NASA distributed blankets, saris and clothes for all of them. NASA approached the government which then sanctioned house sites on the hill where this community is now. The government sanctioned housing scheme to construct 30 houses and provided matching grants for the houses.

Over a period of time, NASA had a bore well drilled for them for drinking water, built 21 houses and named the colony New Life Colony.  However New Life Colony didn’t have electricity and there was no path.

But now, electricity is run to New Life Colony and all the 21 homes have electricity. The government also sanctioned a path. This is great news. Thanks to the partners who sacrificially and faithfully supported this initiative.


  • About 40 families have new life
  • They quit begging
  • Children came out of begging and they now go to the schools
  • They have secured houses, water to drink and electricity

HISTORY: Read the article here for the history of this project

FUTURE NEED: Put livelihood programs in place for them to bring the residents out of economic distress and enhance quality of life.

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