Get Involved

Get Involved

Thank you for considering to get involved. We are very thankful to people who who give their time, talents and treasure to help their neighbor through NASA. You too can become part of our work with children, families and communities in need. You can find ways to be involved without leaving your home or you can get involved more actively by partnering with us in other ways.

Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Financial Support: You can give towards any of our current projects. By doing this, you can choose to help more childrenbring vulnerable societies and those that are considered untouchables out of social stigma and bondage and bring more poor people, especially women out of poverty through livelihood programs
  • Activities and Volunteering: This is a hands-on-way to make a difference. Come and see our work first hand. We would love for you to visit NASA’s campuses/ target areas either individually or as a group. Alternately, you can volunteer at events conducted by our partners.
  • Advocate and Raise Awareness: Inspire your friends and family to partner with NASA. Speak out for the poor. Share this website and about NASA’s programs and raise partners who can reach out to those who desperately need help.
  • Partner with us: Partnership can transform a community. Your organization can partner with us. There is a lot of opportunity to serve and your organization can realize a great level of satisfaction and financial accountability by partnering with us in implementing programs that you have the most burden for.

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