Children’s Homes

Children’s Homes

It is a delight to see the smile on each child’s face as they are presented with the opportunity to make their childhood and future meaningful.

NASA has established 4 children’s Homes. Light of Children’s Home exclusively supported by Scottish Love in Action (SLA), Scotland houses 550 children – 500 in Light of Love Children’s Home Tuni and 50 children in Light of Love Hyderabad. New Life Children’s homes primarily supported by West Side Family Church, US houses 250 children – 200 in New Life Children’s Home Tuni and 50 in New Life Chintalapudi.

10 years ago Christopher Premdas started Light of Love Children’s home with 50 children under trees. Thanks to Scottish Love in Action (SLA) who exclusively support Light of Love, now after 10 years there are 2 Light of Love Children’s home locations – one in Tuni with 500 children and the other in Hyderabad with 50 children. Most of the children are from poor backgrounds, many are orphans and some have been affected by AIDS/HIV.

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